About Coldfacts


Cold Facts supports scientific research in the Polar Regions and shares scientific insights as a way to promote fact based perspectives on these changing environments.


Unique & dynamic

The Polar Regions have a unique, intrinsic value. However rugged these icy wildernesses might be, they are not as imperishable as they seem at first glance.  Arctic sea ice is in decline and land base ice caps are losing mass. These and other related changes in the Polar Regions affect ecosystems, economic and cultural activities, geopolitics, the global climate system and water cycle. These trends can, with high and increased certainty, be attributed to a warming climate.

Local changes & global impact

The developments in the Polar Regions have local as well as global impact. It is therefore important to understand the scope and speed of change, including the mechanisms that drive it. This is the task of the scientific community. Based on scientific research society is informed about current developments and the outlook to the future.

With science-based perspectives at hand dialogue between different stakeholders can find common ground and appropriate policies can be developed in the areas of climate and energy, nature conservation and governance.

Cold Facts supports polar science by:

  • providing resources and human capacity to field research
  • adding capacity by encouraging non-scientists to collect field data
  • streamlining protocols and data-integration into existing research programs
  • coordinating between scientists, polar travellers and local population
  • supplying easy to use scientific instrumentation

Cold Facts promotes fact-based perspectives by:

  • bringing the stories of researchers and their programs to a wide audience
  • sharing and visualising data and insights
  • syndicating relevant and trusted sources of information
  • leveraging with media and key opinion formers
  • organizing events to engage and inform stakeholders

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